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Fabricad - manufacturing reinvented with all you need in one place, a comprehensive single solution.

  • Fully integrated with other Odoo apps

  • Used and trusted by major companies

  • All in one with MRP, PLM, quality and much more

  • Automate your manufacturing and purchase orders planning

  • Demand stock forecast to ensure you have enough stock available

  • Odoo can connect to a range of devices such as barcode scanners, cameras and scales

  • Organise bills and materials automatically

Fabricad is compatible with any hardware:




Industrial Machines

An interface designed for productivity:

No more time clocking

Accurate planning directly based on real manufacturing times measures.

All in 


MRP, Quality, Maintenance and PLM fully integrated

Real time communication

Display worksheets, quality alerts to workers during operations.

Shop floor automation

Capture data in real-time from your equipment using the API.


All you need in a single software


  • PLM
  • Bill of Materials
  • Versioning

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Routings
  • Worksheets


  • Planning
  • Control Panel 
  • Work Orders

Supply Chain

  • MPS
  • Routes
  • Procurement Rules


  • Control Points
  • Checks (SPC)
  • Alerts


  • Equipment Management
  • Maintenance Requests