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As an  Odoo Ready Partner  we offer:

New Solutions

We assist in selecting the Odoo apps that will help you to meet your current and future business needs going forward.

Here To Offer Support

Following a successful implementation we can deliver ongoing support, consultation, training and recommendations to keep your system running efficiently.  

We are also here to help with any system upgrades, ensuring you continue to get the best Odoo experience as new features become available.

Community & Bespoke Apps

The Odoo app store allows the core Odoo system to be extended with industry-specific functionality by adding out-of-the-box capabilities to the core system. We assist in determining which of these applications is right for you and how to deploy them. 

We can also accommodate to your unique requirements with bespoke apps, that ensure your corporate DNA is retained. These may add functionality, enhance standard processes or integrate with other core systems used within your organisation.

Industry specific business management solutions:


We create [restaurant] solutions.

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We create [manufacturing] solutions.

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We create [auto/moto sales & service] solutions.


We create [event management] solutions.

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We create [professional services] solutions.

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We create [e-commerce + retail] solutions.

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