Website Updates

I really like work on website.
Any visitor will not now be in any doubt about what we offer.
I take it you don't think we need a strap line for company.

The cards work well on the home page - Bright colourful and eye catching.

I think we should replace Hotel Management with Event Management (but still call it Hospitality) unless you have very strong leads or contacts in hotel industry.

Propose following change to the Services overview Page 
See Screen shots

Replace box in red of above screen shot with

Contact Form:

I will organise changing the contact form and add a mandatory field Interest (following values)
Bistro - Restaurant
Hospitalite - Event
Vendre - Retail (eCommerce/POS/Inventory)
Fabricad - Manufacturing
Proserv - Professional Services
MotoSys - Automobile Sales/Service
Proof of Concept
Application Support

Can we hide Solutions menu until we have the content pages ready?

by Dele Attah - 05:52 - 25 Oct 2018